Strange Events
Strange Events

A Serious Holiday: CASS

CASS was a symposium of New Zealand graphic designers held at the Cass Field Station for a weekend in November 2017. 

In the act of displacing ourselves from our typical urban environment to the remote, rural location of the Southern Alps, I hoped to create alternative frames of reference and methods of critical assessment. Being at Cass served to distance the familiar and the known, so that we could develop a new perspective of our practice from this outlying vantage point. 

To explore the collaborative nature of a small, seasoned group of designers, the group was asked to forget portfolio-talks, and instead focus on ‘what could be’ rather than 'what has been'. Each participant prepared a short proposal for a project that was yet to come to fruition—an idea, a possibility, a suggestion, a work in progress—that could be put to the group for casual discussion.

Below is video documentation of the proposals.