Katie Kerr

Book launch: Everything's Fucked but the Point is to Go Beyond That

Katie Kerr
Book launch: Everything's Fucked but the Point is to Go Beyond That

Today we are bombarded by images of violence, exploitation, inequality and crises. While many of us lament the various forms of institutionalised inhumanity that delimit our present political horizons, such gestures are seldom accompanied by any desire for real change.

Our response to the wholly uncontroversial declaration that ‘Everything’s fucked’ is: ‘but the point is to go beyond that’. This, at least, was the theme of a series of seminars we organised in Auckland between August and October in 2017.

This collection gathers writings from several of those who spoke at the seminars. It is not an exhaustive statement on how fucked everything is, nor a manual for how to go beyond that. It is the result of a process of organisation, and a call for those tired of hearing why everything goes wrong to join us in thinking about how we might move forward.

The soft-cover, paperback book was edited by Nathalie Jaques, Lloyd Johns, James Roberts, Janaki Somaiya and Shannon Walsh and was designed by Katie Kerr. All 100 copies were printed by Katie on a risograph at the Ilam Press in New Zealand.

Contributions come from: Vanessa Crofskey, Nathan Rew, Joanne Waitoa, Wendy Choo, Aitor Jiménez, Hugo Ábalos, Pedro José Mariblanca, Thomas Dykes, Jack Foster, Dylan Taylor, Sam Melser, Ingrid Hanon and Ben Rosamond

Join us for the launch of the book from 6pm at Strange Haven on Karangahape Road.


Everything’s Fucked Collective is a amorphous group of activists, artists and academics who organise events and exhibitions outside those well trodden paths that continually fail to offer anything more than safe havens for banal and inactive reflection.

Katie Kerr is interested in graphic design as an artistic endeavour. Her practice is objectified in the nose-to-tail creation of experimental paperback books which sit somewhere between the romantic and the rational. Her thematic interests lie in understanding the relationship between artist and place.

GLORIA is a publishing collective focussed on the publication of art and photography books. Our practice approaches the production of the book as a complete process; from concept to print. The artist is heavily involved in every step, producing objects that are a full expression of their intentions.

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