Everything's Fucked: Discussion Series

Everything's Fucked: Discussion Series

Against the cynicism of contemporary university discourse, critical theory looks beyond a mere understanding of society and rather seeks to actively engage and deepen political currents in order to transform it. For us this means confronting the history of colonisation and accumulation by dispossession. It means combatting patriarchy and racism and seeing through whatever rhetoric might be served up by the latest social democratic personality. In short, it means refusing to live and think like sheep. 

Critical theory therefore offers a crucial redress to the meaningless violence and institutionalised inhumanity that marks our contemporary world. This is a call for all those dissatisfied with the bleak outlook of existing political institutions, both internationally and here in Aotearoa, to collectively think radically different futures and to join in a conversation about how those futures are already being built and what work is still to be done.

Join us at Strange Haven for this series of talks, panel discussions and book launches. Follow Everything's Fucked on Facebook.

Next event: Everything's Fucked: But the point is to go beyond that, Wednesday 18 October, 6-9pm.