Skull Session: Dominic Hoey on Love Letters, Treasure Maps and Ransom Notes

Skull Session: Dominic Hoey on Love Letters, Treasure Maps and Ransom Notes

Skull Sessions are the anti-seminar; a magical series of intimate full-day workshops with leading makers who maintain authentic, alternative practices in the arts and creative industries.

No powerpoint presentations, portfolio talks or stuffy conference rooms—just insightful, poetic lessons from those on the fringe on their field.

For our inaugural Skull Session, we welcome writer and musician Dominic ‘Tourettes’ Hoey share in his secret theories on failure—exploring how a life well-lived has helped him develop an authentic voice as an artist, and how these learnings can be applied to your own practice in the current social, political and cultural landscape.

Offering candid insights into the habits and philosophies he has garnered as a rapper, poet, screenwriter, playwright and published author, Dominic will cover the rudiments of creative writing, concept generation, writer's block and endurance, applying these to experimental tasks designed to cultivate your own peculiar voice.

Split into a morning 'theory' session and an afternoon 'practical' session and interlaced with historical and cultural references, critical discussions, whimsical moments, communal eating, field trips, and unexpected surprises, the workshop is designed to bring out the best in both practitioner and participant.

The extraordinary day will conclude with a special post-workshop field trip to The Golden Dawn to see Dominic put words into action, as he kicks off the first date of his upcoming Tourettes nationwide tour. 

10am til late, Friday November 3rd at Strange Haven, 281 Karangahape Road.

Feedback from the day:

"I didn't think I'd have anything of value to write but was surprised at what I managed to pull together based on the lessons of the day."

"The entire day was amazing. No favourite part. It was super special to see Tourettes perform that same day."

"My favourite part was listening to Dom talk about the '13 principals for losing money and entertaining people'. Also feeling uncomfortable reading your own work out was a necessary evil. Felt good to get out of my comfort zone!"

"I wrote 5,000+ words and finished the first draft of my novel in the two days after the workshop. So yeah, it was good!"

"A very inspiring workshop. Thanks for your honesty."

Skull Sessions is presented by Samuel Walsh and Katie Kerr of Strange Haven.