The Summer Art Book Fair

The Summer Art Book Fair

Motivated by the lack of online and offline spaces to buy and sell independent art books in our fair city, Strange Haven ends the year with the Summer Art Book Fair, just in time for Christmas.

Held on a Tuesday evening, the small-but-lively fair will host a select group of artists, galleries and independent publishers presenting carefully-crafted books and limited-edition publications that reflect a diverse body of thought relating to art, design, theory and practice—while also exhibiting the creative powers of New Zealand's bookmakers.

With a mission to initiate and establish an accessible space where the art publishing community can connect with one another and the wider community, the art book fair is free and open to the public.

6pm Tuesday 18 December

Strange Haven, 281 Karangahape Road

Free entry

Sponsored by Soar Print and Design Assembly


Strange Events is run by Sam Walsh & Katie Kerr